Bag FAQs

Bag FAQs

Yes, the innermost surface of the bag lining is infused with antimicrobial additives that are compliant with the EPA andFDA, andare certified by HACCP International. The antimicrobial technology reducesodorand stain causing microbes such as bacteria and fungi by disrupting the structural integrity ofmicrobescell membrane. This can cause essential nutrients to leak out and catastrophic structural failure.These antimicrobial additives will also cause increased levels of reactive oxygen species, which result in Oxidative damage to the internal systems of the microbe.BioCote® additives also cause DNA interference, which disrupts genetic material of the microbes, ultimately stopping them from being able to replicate by blocking the copying of their genetic material.

Food spills are inevitable, and we recommend you regularly clean your Karrico bag lining with a warm, damp cloth. However, unlike other unprotected products, the bag linings of the Karrico products are protected with BioCote® technology. This antimicrobial technology will help keep the bag fresher and cleaner for longer in between cleaning. BioCote® additives protect the bag lining by reducing up to 86% of odor and stain causing microbes, such as bacteria and mold, which touch the surface of the lining of KARRICO Bags within 15 minutes. They also reduce over  99% microbes  on the protected surface of the lining of KARRICO Bags within 2 hours.

No, the BioCote® Additive does not prevent food from developing microbial contamination while in the bag, nor does it decontaminate food. 

BioCote ® additives protect the lining of the bag from odors and stains caused by microbes by reducing the protecting the lining itself from microbes.  Furthermore, the lining of the bags need to be kept clean with a damp cloth, to prevent any build-up of any spilt food or residue. 

No, the BioCote® additives are part of the structure of the lining and remain in place and fully functional for the expected life of the product. 

No, the BioCote® additives are fixed inside the lining material and they are approved to be food contact safe, meaning they cannot leach out of the material once integrated into the bags. The lining should be cleaned as per our standard instructions, with no specific care needed for the BioCote® protection.

Yes, KARRICO’s multi-layer lining minimises temperature changes from inside the bag to the outside. The inner most layer of the lining is inert Food Contact Safe non temperature conductive EVA. The middle layer is highly heat reflective Aluminum which minimises the loss of heat from the inside, or if the inside is cold, it minimises heat penetrating into the bag, retaining the low internal temperature minimising any temperature increase. The outer layer is a thick, non temperature conductive foam.  Our heat or cold retention technology is’ state of the art’ for bag insulation, however it is not possible to state an honest time period for which it will hold temperatures, because of many variable factors noted in the next  FAQ response.

Yes, the linings of the interior of KARRICO Lunch Bags are heat sealed at the seams, so that they are impervious to liquids. Loose liquids inside the main interior storage cavity will not leak out and seep through and will not soil the exterior fabric of the bag, or whatever the bag is in contact with.  This is as long as the bag is upright. Zippers are not impervious to Liquids, and therefore liquids may seep through the zipper if the bag is turned over, depending on the viscosity of the liquid. 

Some lunch bag manufacturers claim their items can hold high or very low temperatures for various periods, of up to five and even seven hours are claimed in some cases. However our testing of these competitive items has shown these claims to be untrue, falling well short. The actual heat or cold retention of any lunch bag is greatly affected by many factors, including, the outside temperature, the amount of free space in the bag, the initial temperature of the food when packed and the initial temperature of everything else placed in the bag at the time of packing the food.

To keep food hot or cold for extended periods of many hours, it is necessary to keep the food in a specially designed vacuum flask or other temperature maintenance technology.

- KARRICO Bags should be cleaned by wiping inside and out with a warm damp cloth.

- Avoid packing sharp pointed implements inside the bag, which could pierce the lining.

- Do not leave unrefrigerated food inside the bag for an extended period.

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